school of the 3 PATHS

San Dao Martial Arts school for children, youths and adults.

Different programs are developed for different age groups, starting from the youngest ones with an athletic and playful vision, passing to the kids through a more structured path, arriving to the adult course based on the study of traditional Kung Fu through a dynamic and contemporary method, making it a combat system applicable both on Ring and as Personal Defense.


The Chinese ideogram in the center represents the term man, who is placed inside a triangle that relates to two circles of different orders.

The triangle represents the intentional and structural direction to constantly maintain towards the opponent.

The inner circle symbolizes physical and mental fluidity.


The outer circle is the vital space; the boundry that separates us from the threat of an opponent – ultimate parameter in the choice of action in a dangerous situation.

THREE WAYS (San Dao) means three space-time phases of action through which one moves after an attack: ADVANCE, AWAIT and DELAY.

The meaning of the art of fighting needs to be understood not solely from a physical point of view, but also as an ethical refinement that reflects in every-day life.

The ideals and principles learnt by a martial artist from practice are enclosed in the Wu – De (Martial Code).
These prnciples are:

礼 – Li


智 – Zhi


义 – Yi


信 – Xin


仁 – Ren


Kung Fu is a martial art of chinese descent with very ancient roots. It litterally means “man who works hard” suggesting that the realization of a virtue is only achieved through constant research.

Kung Fu is su-bdived in styles -meaning methods of transmission of techniques – of the necessary principles to master the art of fighting.